A Return to Warmer Waters


Boatyard Says Farewell to Mother & Son Team Members

You can’t really say that Cheryl Jones and Matt Betancourt are returning to greener pastures — because, does it get greener than western Washington? But they are definitely returning to warmer waters. The mother and son team members here at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard have raised anchor and are moving back to their home state of Florida.

The comfortable feel (and warmth, no doubt) of home has been calling for a while, admitted Cheryl, although you couldn’t tell by the cheerful dispositions of both mom or son when you saw them around the yard. Cheryl, comptroller for the boatyard for the past six years, and son Matt, paint crew lead, clocked out at the yard on Feb. 28 and headed south to the Tampa area over the weekend.


Matt Betancourt, formerly the boatyard paint crew lead, and his mom Cheryl Jones, comptroller at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, started their drive to Tampa, Fla., after enjoying a send-off party at the Harbor Taproom. The two are returning to their home state after living in the Gig Harbor area for six-plus years.

Boatyard Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor organized an after-work going away party for the two at the Harbor Taproom last Friday. Well wishes sprinkled with a few tears were shared, along with farewell comments by boatyard Managing Member Ron Roark.

“You will be missed,” he told Cheryl and Matt. “You have been valued team members and a big part of what we have going on here at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard. Thank you for your contribution and best wishes going forward.”

The loss of the two is softened somewhat by Cheryl’s plans to remain part of the boatyard team from afar. She is going to work remotely from Florida as she continues performing her financial duties for the boatyard. Son Matt, with his valuable experience in bottom applications and crew leadership, is likely to seek employment at a boatyard in Florida.

Best wishes, Cheryl and Matt, and enjoy those warmer waters!





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