Maritime Academy a Budget-Friendly Venue

budget-friendly venue

We’ve already mentioned how perfect the Northwest Maritime Academy space is for meetings, seminars, company trainings and such gatherings. It’s conveniently located right in downtown Gig Harbor, it’s roomy and very comfortable.

But now consider this attractive space at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard as ideal for the budget-friendly, small wedding. After all, the venue is conveniently located in beautiful downtown Gig Harbor, it’s roomy and very comfortable.

This 2,000-plus square-foot space above The Club @ the Boatyard provides an intimate setting for a wedding of 50 to 60 people, says boatyard hospitality manager Danielle Taylor. And you can’t beat the views.

Northwest Maritime Academy @ the Boatyard Perfect for Budget-Friendly Weddings


Arrange tables and chairs the way you want for your intimate, budget-friendly wedding at the Northwest Maritime Academy at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

“If you want a waterfront wedding venue but are on a tight budget, consider this intimate, attractive space,” says Danielle. “You don’t have to go to Vegas for your small wedding. Here, you get high-class views with a low-end budget.”

The Northwest Maritime Academy @ the Boatyard offers fantastic photo opps with its scenic views overlooking Skansie Brothers Park, the glistening harbor and the authentic, working boatyard.

“This is just another great venue at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard and you’re still on the water,” said Danielle, who manages the in-demand Club @ the Boatyard, the gorgeous Guesthouse @ the Boatyard, and the boatyard’s very popular Fleet Suite guest yacht, Suite Dreams“A cozy wedding venue, or it’s a budget-friendly rehearsal spot.”

Academy Ideal for Smaller, Intimate Weddings on the Waterfront

Danielle just acquired a charming white, upright dinghy, complete with knotted rope lines, for use as an arbor for exchanging vows — perfect for nautically-themed nuptials at the boatyard.


The Northwest Maritime Academy @ the Boatyard is perfect for smaller weddings of 50-60 people. It’s budget-friendly while still on the waterfront.

After the ceremony and reception, bridal party and guests can easily stroll down to the waterfront from the Academy, spread out into the park and adjacent public dock, or take a Gig Harbor Gondola ride from the marina. The Guesthouse @ the Boatyard awaits for a special wedding night get-away for the bride and groom, or for visiting family members.


The Northwest Maritime Academy @ the Boatyard rents from $150. Please contact Danielle Taylor for booking and more information: (253) 358-6546;

Photos by Chance Busey, Assistant Marketing Director at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

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