Adult First Aid, CPR & AED @ The Academy

ASHI HSI Medic First Aid Gig HarborAdult First Aid, CPR & AED Class
By:  Northwest Response & ASHI & HSI

Date:  Saturday, Jan. 7 @ 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Note: This is a separate class from the free CPR awareness class later in the day.)

Location:  Northwest Maritime Academy, Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard


 About this Class: BasicPlus

Electricians First Aid CEUsFirst Aid BasicPlus is a combined adult First Aid, CPR and AED training course. The program is designed specifically for the occupational First Aid provider.  This extremely flexible program will help employers meet OSHA, and other federal and state regulatory requirements for training employees how to respond and care for medical emergencies at work.

This is a Lay responder course perfect for all lay responders.  This is not a BLS course for Healthcare Professionals. BLS programs are found here.

The program is based upon the 2015 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR) and other evidence-based treatment recommendations.

Cost:  $65 – Register now at:  Northwest Response Adult First Aid, CPR and AED course

Intended Audience

Individuals who require or desire CPR, AED, and First Aid knowledge and skills with a focus on adults.

  • Maritime Professionals (not STCW)
  • Occupational First Aid providers
  • Construction Workers
  • Remote Workers

Successful Completion (Certification)

Written Evaluation:
Required when specified by organizational, local, or state regulation.  It is recommended for designated responders with a duty or employer expectation to respond in an emergency, and provide first aid care.

Performance Evaluation:
All students must perform required skills competently without assistance.

*Note: HSI certification cards are delivered electronically!

Important Considerations

Recognized Certification Period
Up to 2 years

Recommended Time to Complete
Initial training: 4.5-5 hours
Renewal training: Less than initial instructional time

Consistent Training

Our instructor-led courses make workplace training time more effective and productive with an easy step-by-step instructional format.  These dynamic and engaging programs help build the confidence to respond, and provide ongoing content retention tools to keep skills fresh and ready to use. Training is available through traditional classroom, as well as blended learning options.

A leading provider of corporate CPR, AED and First Aid training programs with a special focus on standardized and convenient workplace training. This course is available for in-house training at a corporate facility.

Training Program Approvals

These First Aid resuscitation programs conform to national standards and are based on the same scientific guidelines and treatment recommendations found in the 2015 International Consensus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Science with Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR), the same as those used by the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Red Cross (ARC) for course development.

The programs are accepted as equivalent to the AHA and ARC by many state regulatory authorities, the Department of Homeland Security United States Coast Guard, and others. They are consistent with OSHA’s best practices for first aid training programs.

About Your Instructor:

cpr bls classes tacoma seattle olympia gig harborCaptain Thomas E. Bliss, EMR – Emergency Medical Responder

Northwest Maritime Academy
Northwest Response
Northwest First Aid, LLC

Thomas resides in the maritime community of Gig Harbor, Wash. A former Assistant Director for Fremont Maritime Services/India Tango where he specialized in Maritime Safety and Response Training; Thomas continues to work with the United States Coast Guard/AUX as a COXSWAIN and former Division Staff Officer (SO-CS) in the 13th Coast Guard District, Flotilla Staff Officer (FSO-CS) in Communications.

Awarded the Meritorious Service Award in 2010 by The Commandant of The United States Coast Guard; Admiral Thad W. Allen.

Licensed Training Partner to The American Heart Association, The American Red Cross, ASHI and HSI-Medic First Aid. Learn more about Capt. Bliss at Northwest Response.

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