Boatyard Blogger Bids Farewell


Moving On to Retirement, Home-Remodeling and Grandparenting

The New Year is marked by endings and beginnings so it feels like the natural time to start a new chapter for myself. Dear readers, this is my final blog for Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

I have been filling this space with news and photos of happenings at the boatyard for the past five and a half years and it’s time for a change. I have enjoyed being part of this dynamic place in the heart of downtown Gig Harbor and have met some wonderful, dedicated and talented people.

Ron Roark, owner and general manager of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, is a visionary with an unwavering passion for Gig Harbor and for being an active partner in this historic waterfront district. He has a gift for assembling a team of people who share that passion.

Thank you, Ron, for bringing me on the team and taking a chance with me as your blogger. Although I came with newswriting experience I didn’t know anything about website blogging, so we kind of figured it out together.

Kerrie Andrist Clos retires after 799 blogs for Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard. (Oh, let’s just say 800. Surely I have miscounted somewhere.) 

boatyard blogger

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, summer 2016.

Since the summer of 2015 I have learned more about boats, boat parts and service and repair terms than I ever thought possible. I have Mark Lindeman, local boat expert and former yard manager at the boatyard, to thank for his patience and teaching. He always took the time to explain things in layman’s terms, slowly, as I furiously scribbled notes about through holes, inverters and deck cores, and provide me with the “boaty words” I needed.

Another Mark, Mark Rybin, the yard’s long-time Travelift Operator, longest-term employee and former yard manager, was also an enormous help as I navigated the waters of this strange, new world. Thank you, Mark, for always making me feel welcome as I wandered through the yard taking pictures and collecting blog material. I always appreciated the heads-up on potential stories and the photos you provided when I couldn’t be there to see a unique boat — or even a dead gray whale — hauled out.

The other huge source of blog material has been the hospitality side of boatyard. Between the Guesthouse, the Fleet Suites guest yachts, the Club @ the Boatyard and the Trolley @ the Boatyard, I was never lacking for things to write about. Thank you, Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor for keeping me well supplied with topics and promotions about these wonderful offerings.

I have enjoyed being part of this dynamic place in the heart of downtown Gig Harbor and have met some wonderful people.

boatyard blogger

Kerrie Clos, blogger for Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard since July 2015, and husband Rich Clos are ready for retirement.

So now with this, my 799th blog since July 8, 2015, I am bidding farewell. My husband, Rich, retired right before Christmas after a long career in chemical engineering and consulting in heavy industry and we are entering retirement together.

It’s a retirement from paychecks, yes, but not from work. We can now dive full time into the long list of projects on the place we bought on Henderson Bay. We took possession of our “total fixer” (inside and out, let me tell you) the very week I started blogging and we have worked on it ever since.

So far we have tamed and restructured the over-grown half-acre yard and will now be able to turn our attention to remodeling the house. (And of course, to spending more time with our nearly 3-year-old grandson, Lucas, who lives in Seattle. )

But first, some rest and recovery from hip replacement surgeries for Rich. What could be a more fitting new beginning for the new year than new hips!

So thank you, readers, who have followed this blog and the exciting things going on at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard and along the waterfront. It’s been wonderful to be part of the changes and share them with you.

Ron, your heart-felt comments during our phone call this week were a lovely send off. Among the many wonderful words were: “We’re going to miss Kerrie. She was an incredible member of the team, but she’s got to go be a grandmother now. She will be missed.”

I will miss you, too.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

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  1. Betty Perry Gig Harbor, WA on January 11, 2021 at 10:06 am

    .I too will miss you Kerrie. I so enjoyed your informative blogs. Your creative presentation and your excellent writing skills made them fun in learning more about the downtown and the boating community. Thanks for connecting your readers to the Marina and Gig Harbor insights. All my best in your retirement. Fellow Blogger Betty Perry

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