Boatyard Crew Delivers for Customers


After a sizzling summer of fun at the boatyard with harbor-side weddings, exciting Club events and waves of overnight guests enjoying our unique hospitality features, it’s time to return to the nuts and bolts of our operation — our boatyard crew, which delivers top-notch marine service and repair to area boaters.

After all, Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is the only boatyard in the harbor and we have an excellent crew to go along with it. I’m a bit behind on introducing some of our “new” faces at the boatyard, so here is the first in a series of catching up on crew members.

Crew Member Delivers Quality Service to Boaters

I couldn’t believe it when Kyle Lawrence said he started at the yard in June…2016. He was always “next on the list” for a blog when he started and the time slipped away with so much going on at the boatyard. It’s a little distracting with the constant line-up of outstanding live music and great community events at The Club @ the Boatyard to promote. The food trolley reopening. Our dragon boat winning medals. The Seahawks Beast Bus rolling in for Club parties. Our guest accommodates winning five-star reviews. Then there was the time King Neptune dropped by to rechristen our popular guest yacht Suite Dreams.

Have you heard? Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is a happening place on the harbor.


Kyle Lawrence delivers quality paint service to customers at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard. He came to the yard over a year ago and handles many service tasks around the boatyard.

So Kyle, 25, started quietly over a year ago and has proven to be a valuable member of the boatyard team ever since. He works on the paint crew, although he does a lot more than that as he gains experience and hones his skills with various boatyard tasks.

“We just help out with everything,” he said as he held a huge wrench to help loosen a fitting on a sailboat this summer. “There’s a lot to learn here and this is a great place to learn.”

Kyle moved to Gig Harbor with his family about 10 years ago, relocating from San Jose, Calif. It was a move he is glad his family made. He graduated from high school in Gig Harbor and has enjoyed everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

“I love it here,” he said. “The trees, the weather and the woods, mostly. We had to go up to Lake Tahoe to see the woods from San Jose. My grandparents had a cabin there so we went up every year.”

“There’s a lot going on here and all the guys are great.” – Kyle Lawrence, boatyard paint crew member

Kyle, who previously worked as a dishwasher for a couple of years, enjoys being outside and doing the physical work involved at the boatyard.

“I like being outside, getting to move,” he said. “I like doing physical work.”

Being on the yard crew at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard checks those boxes and has proven to be a great fit, Kyle says.

“I like it here very much,” he said as he stood under the sailboat holding the wrench. “There’s a lot going on here and all the guys are great.”


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