Boatyard to Open Marine Consignment Shop

Second Wave

Second Wave @ the Boatyard Opening in March 2018

Plans are in the works for Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard to open a marine consignment store where boaters can buy and sell used marine parts and equipment.

The store, called Second Wave @ the Boatyard, will open in mid-March at The Annex @ the Boatyard at 3720 Harborview Drive. The consignment shop will join the boatyard’s expanded marine repair services operating out of the facility, which previously housed Lighthouse Marine, LLC.


Boaters are urged to start sorting through their excess marine equipment for Second Wave @ the Boatyard, a consignment store opening in March.

Boatyard staff is now hiring for consignment store management and sales floor positions and those interested can inquire at the boatyard office.

They will also be looking for sellers and buyers of used marine equipment, says Ron Roark, managing director of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, so now is a good time for boaters to take inventory of excess and needed boating supplies.


Marine Consignment Store Joins Boat Repair Services at Boatyard Annex

Roark and crew are being assisted in launching Second Wave @ the Boatyard by Patti Segulja-Lau, general manager of Dunato’s Boatyard on Lake Union and former operator of the original Second Wave boating consignment store in Seattle.

She brings years of experience in running marine consignment stores and is offering valuable consulting and advice to Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard in this new endeavor, say boatyard managers.

The project is also being helped along significantly by yard manager and long-time boater, Mark Lindeman, Roark added — although Lindeman pointed out that “used marine equipment hoarder is actually quite appropriate. ”

Segulja-Lau says the original Second Wave in Seattle, which closed about four years ago, was incredibly popular with boaters and the boating industry.

“It made boating affordable,” she said. “It helped people getting out of boating help people getting into boating.”

The Fremont area’s Second Wave provided the boating community a method to re-utilize parts and equipment that would otherwise end up in the dumpster, she added.

“It was a place where people could share stories and help each other, Segulja-Lau said. “It was fun. It was missed and now it’s back.”


Second Wave @ the Boatyard, a consignment store of used marine equipment, will join marine repair services at The Annex @ the Boatyard, 3720 Harborview Drive.

Second Wave @ the Boatyard will be opening soon and is now hiring. Those interested in applying for store manager and sales positions can call the boatyard office at (253) 858-3535. Office Manager Jenn Brown will assist you.

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