Boatyard’s Mike Lends Neighbor a Hand

Our handy maintenance man, Mike Sandfry, lent a helpful hand to one of our waterfront neighbors last week. Jennifer Beard of Harbor WildWatch was very grateful and sent a note of appreciation to our Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor:

Hi Danielle,
I just wanted to pass on how helpful your maintenance fellow, Mike, was the other day.
We had a broken desk to dispose of (which is a bit difficult without a dumpster) and he came over and offered to help me.  He was very thoughtful.
I would like to get him a coffee card, or something like it, as a thank you.  Do you know if he likes a particular coffee shop or place to eat?  I think if I ask him he would say to not worry about it.
Jennifer Beard, Harbor WildWatch Development Associate

Danielle steered Jennifer in the right direction for a token of appreciation for Mike, although this busy guy just enjoys lending a helpful hand without a thought of reward.

Neighbor Sends Note of Thanks for Boatyard Mike’s Helpful Hand

Helpful hand

Mike Sandry and sidekick Bella pause for a photo from their work at the boatyard.

Mike covers a lot of ground at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, usually with his tiny poodle, Bella, in tow. He keeps the boatyard facilities clean and shipshape, helps Danielle set up for events at The Club @ the Boatyard, puts a fresh coat of paint here and there as needed, and keeps the tables outside the food trolley in good working order. Just to name a few of his many tasks.

Helping out Harbor WildWatch, our neighbor in the historic Skansie House in the park, is just a natural extension of Mike’s generous goodwill.

And it’s just another way we naturally partner with the marine environment educational organization next door. Harbor WildWatch recently named Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard their Partner of the Year and we are very proud of this honor.

Thank you, Mike, for carrying on our neighborly partnership with your helpful hand.


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