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The Club @ the Boatyard Saves the Day When Event’s Venue is Cancelled

Sometimes even the best-laid plans become unmade. Like when your event venue cancels on you. At the last minute.¬†Guests are expecting a party in a few hours’ time, so now what do you do? You call The Club @ the Boatyard, of course.

Our quick-thinking hospitality team came to the rescue last week and produced a first-rate party when event organizers suddenly found themselves without a venue.

Thank goodness they knew to call Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s hospitality managers Danielle Taylor and Taylor Crosby. This pair has all the know-how, connections — and The Club — to pull together a fantastic event, even at the last minute.

Your Venue Cancels, so Who You Gonna Call? Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

What happened is a group of work associates had planned a meet-and-greet dinner cruise when, for whatever reason, the boat’s operator had to cancel the outing, explained Taylor Crosby, assistant hospitality manager at the boatyard.

“It was to be a vendors’ meet-and-greet party for a bunch of people who work together over the phone, but never get to see each other in person,” he said.

Determined to help these folks have their gathering, Crosby and boatyard Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor whipped up an impromptu party at The Club @ the Boatyard. It was wonderful event that even included getting people out on the water, which was the original plan anyway.

“We had the party at The Club and we partnered with Tom Drohan, who took them out in two smaller groups for 45-minute tours,” said Crosby.

The Club’s Hospitality Managers Have Connections with Tour Boat Operators, Caterers and other Vendors to Make Your Event Special


Destiny Harbor Tours operates daily scheduled tours from Gig Harbor June through September, and year-round by appointment.

Captain Drohan operates Destiny Harbor Tours out of Gig Harbor and Tacoma and was available, very fortunately, to take the party-goers for a cruise around the harbor and surrounding area.

So, thanks to quick thinking and acting by Danielle and Taylor at The Club @ the Boatyard, the party went on for this group of people. Because sometimes, no matter how carefully you have organized, things do come up that can derail your best-laid plans.

Keep Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard in mind for all your hospitality needs. We’re here to help with your special event — whether long-planned or last-minute.



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– Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard hospitality team: Assistant Manager Taylor Crosby, left, and Manager Danielle Taylor.

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