Farmers Market

21 24By:  Kerrie Clos


Farmers Market right next door

Fresh seafood, fruit, flowers and more await you every Thursday at the Waterfront Farmers Market next to the marina.  Booths of colorful and tantalizing delights offered by area vendors fill Skansie Brothers Park each Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. through Sept. 24.  Come and see what’s new each week with fresh, seasonal berries and vegetables, vibrant bouquets of cut flowers, local shellfish already bagged up for you, salsa, pies, crumpets, golden honey and more.20

The market is hosted by the Gig Harbor Downtown Waterfront Alliance, so check out Gig Harbor Waterfront to learn more about what’s happening along the waterfront this summer.  Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is happy to partner with market organizers, says director Ron Roark, by offering four free parking spaces to help vendors unload and load their wares a few feet from the park.

Vendor Erin Ewald with Taylor Shellfish Company is grateful for those parking spaces. “It eases up the parking and it’s nice that we’re not all crowded into the same space,” she said as she pulled a heavy cooler of mussels and clams the short distance across the lawn.  “It makes it so much easier.”

While at the market, be sure to visit Harbor WildWatch’s interpretive booth to “ask questions and touch stuff,” as their signs invites, next to the seawall.  Diver Tom Larson brings up tube worms, moon snails, crabs, sea slugs and other marine creatures for a close-up look and feel in touch tanks.  Knowledgeable naturalists and volunteers are on hand to answer questions about what is living around piers below us in the harbor.  Check out Harbor WildWatch to learn more about this dynamic marine and environmental education organization based in Gig Harbor.

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