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Will Your Retirement Feel Like This?

Great Life Planning asks that question next to this worrisome photo on its website.

“We help your nest egg survive the risks that lie ahead, so you can spend your time living a great life,” they explain, in offering their financial advising services.

Great Life Planning, based in Olalla, will be holding financial and retirement planning seminars at The Academy @ the Boatyard this spring. From tips for early- and mid-career to empty-nesters and retirement and beyond, experienced presenters offer financial information vital for every stage of life.

Check out their website and watch for these helpful seminars taking place in our Academy classroom here at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

Presenters are Crystal McMahon, founder and financial planner, and David W. Noble, investment executive.

Great Life Planning

Great Life Planning educational seminars cover such areas as:

  • How will you retire comfortably? Who will pay for your future: Your boss, your business, Social Security….the lottery?
  • Women in transition:  Moving forward after losing your spouse or partner
  • Retirement income savvy:  Learning ways to generate income in retirement
  • Income-enhancing strategies:  How to maximize your hard-earned benefits and avoid costly mistakes
  • Creating a lifetime income stream to act like a pension or Social Security

To help you reach your goals, McMahon and Noble help you:

– Invest and save for your future

– Create your own personal pension

– Protect your financial future

– Plan for taxes

– Prepare for retirement

Great Life Planing



“We’ll help you create a financial strategy for today and help prepare you for the next stage of life.” – Great Life Planning




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