‘Go With the Flow,’ Harbor Paddlers

Go with the Flow

Video Shows Safe Paddling Practices in the Harbor

If you ever paddle a kayak, SUP or any other personal watercraft in the confines of Gig Harbor bay, I wonder if you know to “go with the flow.” This simple rule of the road is the theme of a wonderful new video on safe paddling practices in the harbor.

In creating the video, Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard — led by the talented efforts of our videographer and Assistant Marketing Director Chance Busey — is proud to partner with the Gig Harbor Police Department and the City of Gig Harbor. It’s all about helping keep you safe on the water.

Enjoy Chance’s video below as Jarab Daniel, marine patrol officer with the Gig Harbor Police Department, walks us through some common sense guidelines for safe paddling.

But first, a sneak peek at the highlights:

  • Paddlers are reminded to always “go with the flow,” traveling in a counter-clockwise direction in the harbor. This allows small craft to take advantage of the natural flow of harbor currents while providing a predictable traffic pattern for larger, less maneuverable boats.
  • Next, paddlers should stay at least 25 yards out from marina entrances. This gives time and space for larger boats to maneuver while exiting marinas.
  • And finally, don’t linger in your kayak or stand-up paddle board in the narrow harbor entrance. Enjoy the sandy lighthouse spit, yes, but please stay out of the way of boats coming and going through this narrow opening — especially at low tide. Boats need to navigate down the middle of the mouth where the water is deepest.

Enjoy Chance’s video and remember to “Go With The Flow,” paddlers!

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