‘Suite Dreams’ Gets Five-Star Review

Suite Reviews

“42′ Ponderosa Located in the Historic Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard ”

Great Location-private space
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We received a lovely five-star review of our Suite Dreams guest yacht this week, so thank you very much to our recent guests in the marina.

The couple stayed on our “Fleet Suite” Ponderosa 42 the weekend of May 12 and wrote the following review on our VRBO listing:

“Loved spending two nights on a docked power boat in downtown “historic” Gig Harbor. The boat is spacious — two large cabins, a living room area, enclosed stern deck, two TVs, a galley with a microwave, refrigerator, etc. Also two heads (bathrooms) each with a shower.”

“Staying on a boat is a great alternative to a small hotel/motel room! We highly recommend it.” – Guests on Suite Dreams

five-star review

The spacious salon on our “Suite Dreams” guest yacht features large view windows.

five-star review

The sun deck on the Ponderosa 42 is a cozy harbor-watching spot, complete with built-in wet bar.

Five-Star Review Continues:

“The boat is close to shore so if you’re concerned about water (wave) action — don’t be. You hardly know you’re on the water. Staying on a boat is a great alternative to a small hotel/motel room! We highly recommend it.

“There are restaurants and shops within walking distance. Note: Requires some mobility to use the ladder to climb onto the deck and there are a few steps below, too.”

five-star reviewfive-star review

Thank you, guests, and we hope you come back and stay on our Fleet Suite again soon. And just to clear up any murky waters with her name, our popular guest yacht is currently officially named White Lion, but is soon going to be rechristened Suite Dreams.

Come down to the marina during our third annual swap meet on June 10 and watch our renaming ceremony beginning at 2 p.m. (See previous blog on our National Marina Day of Swap Meet fun, food and live music .)

As you may know, changing a boat’s name is serious business involving gods to appease and such. In our tradition-conscious ceremony we will be officially notifying Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, and his Roman counterpart, Neptune, to avoid incurring their considerable wrath. The deities get a little testy if they aren’t consulted on changes to boat names, which are recorded in the Ledger of the Deep, as well as in the gods’ memories.

So, tradition it is for happy sea gods and continued five-star experiences on our beautiful guest yacht. 

To book your stay on Suite Dreams — known to Poseidon and Neptune for now as White Lion — contact Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor at (253) 358-6546; or email her at dtaylor@gigharbormarina.com. See our listing under Fleet Suites @ the Boatyard on this website.




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