Happy 4th of July from The Boatyard

4th of July

Happy Independence Day from Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

Wishing you a sparkling celebration with friends and family.

In honor of the 4th of July holiday, which means a day of fun on the water, The Trolley @ the Boatyard is offering an Independence Day special  — delivery of food orders from our boat to yours!

Just call the Trolley and place your order and we’ll deliver it to your boat in the harbor by the boatyard’s Thunderbird sailboat, Yardbird.

Call The Trolley @ the Boatyard at (253) 649-9455

4th of July

Chance Busey, assistant marketing director at the boatyard, and Taylor Crosby, our new assistant hospitality manager, will deliver the Trolley’s delicious food orders to boats at anchor (and other easy-access moorings) on the 4th of July from 10 a.m. to about 4 p.m.

“Everyone wants boat-side delivery and no one is doing it — until now,” says Chance.

4th of July

Yardbird will deliver your Trolley food on the 4th of July.

Skipper Chance and Taylor will be cruising among anchored boats in the harbor today, handing out Trolley menus and spreading the word about this fantastic holiday service.

The Trolley team asks that customers try to have multiple orders on one ticket for expediency.

Also, when placing your order, please give your name, your boat’s name, say whether it’s a power boat or sailboat and describe its location in the harbor.

Happy 4th of July from The Boatyard!

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