Boat Owner a ‘Happy Customer’

It’s always fun when I run into boat owners at the marina. I can ask them questions about their boat, get those colorful quotes and snap a few pictures of them with their boat. After all, a photo is far more interesting with a person in it.

Happy customer and boat

Happy customer Eric McAtee, left, shows off his boat, “The Road,” being set down in the water by Travelift operator Mark Rybin at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

“They did a great job. I’m a happy customer” — Eric McAtee, boat owner

Well, one boat owner made it extra fun and colorful recently. I happened to be strolling around Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard with my camera when Eric McAtee’s boat was being set back in the water after service by the boatyard crew. It was a perfect photo opp with the Silverton 35 up in the Travelift, the sky a brilliant blue, the water like a postcard and a cheerful owner very willing to make the shots more interesting.

Happy customer watches boat in Travelift

Boat owner Eric McAtee, left, and his friend Steve Biddinger, center, watch as Mark Rybin maneuvers “The Road” in the boatyard’s Travelift.

McAtee and a buddy were at the boatyard as Marine Travelift operator Mark Rybin wheeled The Road across the yard toward the lift bay. The two friends were taking the Silverton back to the Day Island Yacht Club where it is moored.

“This is a friend of mine — no, he’s my mechanic,” tossed McAtee over his shoulder with a laugh. He introduced his friend, Steve Biddinger, and then hurried to catch up to the huge rolling Travelift cradling The Road toward the edge of the boatyard.

Happy customer gets his boat back

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s Marine Travelift wheels the Silverton 35 across the yard to set her back in the water.

“I call her The Road…then I can say I spent the day on ‘the road'” — boat owner Eric McAtee 

McAtee’s boat was in for bottom paint, new zincs and a bow thruster installation. The owner was excited as a kid on Christmas morning to be getting his boat back. He happily answered questions and then explained the name of his boat.

“I call her The Road because then I can say I spent the day on ‘the road,’ he chuckled.

Happy customer, owner of "The Road"

Boat owner Eric McAtee, left, talks to Travelift operator Mark Rybin as “The Road” is set down in the harbor.

McAtee watched as Mark Rybin set The Road down carefully in Gig Harbor bay.

“They did a great job” at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, he said. “I’m a happy customer.” He was soon on his way, wherever The Road might take him.



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