JW @ the Boatyard Trolley Reopens April 1

By Chance Busey

Gig Harbor’s Most Unique Food Truck Ready for Summer

The food trolley at the boatyard will be ready to dish out delicious seafood again starting Saturday, April 1. JW will continue to operate the food trolley after a successful run in 2016.

General manager and partial owner of JW, Jamie Lindsey, is excited that JW will continue to occupy and run the food trolley again this summer.

“Last summer went very well,” Lindsey said. “It was a learning experience, but it was very successful and the trolley was very well received by the community. Last year, we were met with more business than we had predicted, so when we had thirty people in line, we learned how to get the food out fast.”

Trolley reopens

Laura Carlson of JW @ the Boatyard is ready to serve up delicious food for the second summer on the Gig Harbor waterfront. The food trolley reopens for the season on April 1.

JW @ the Boatyard will serve familiar dishes this summer, continuing the popular fish and chips and fish tacos, but will have a couple slight alterations.

“One of the biggest changes is that we are going to offer a burger this year,” Lindsey said.

Laura Carlson, who worked at the trolley last summer, also mentioned a change to another key menu item.

“The Lobster Roll is going to be a more traditionally East Coast lobster roll,” she said.

Carlson also expressed her excitement for this coming summer, saying, “It’s a really fun, fast-paced atmosphere. I’m also looking forward to seeing some familiar faces of customers coming to the trolley.”

Popular JW Food Trolley Reopens @ Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

The trolley at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard was a popular lunch spot on the waterfront last summer. Danielle Taylor, the marina’s hospitality manager, emphasized the unique personality the trolley brings to Gig Harbor.

“I think it epitomizes what a Maritime City is. People get to walk the waterfront downtown and experience local seafood,” Taylor said. “Where else can you eat lunch and watch a 53-foot boat getting hauled out of the water? It’s pretty cool.”

trolley reopensMartin Jeffers will be helping with on-site management along with Lindsey this summer.

“I know it (the trolley) has a very good reputation,” Jeffers said. “It’s a unique and interesting opportunity, and I’m looking forward to this summer.”

JW @ the Boatyard will serve food seven days a week from 11 a.m. until dusk starting on Saturday, April 1. Stop by for a bite rain or shine — we’re ready with umbrellas and a tent to help keep our seating area comfortable and dry.


Chance Busey is Assistant Marketing Director at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

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