Lighted Boats Dazzle Harbor


Lighted Boat Parade Glows with Holiday Cheer

Everything about Gig Harbor’s annual Lighted Boat Parade was spectacular.  The number of boats participating, the dazzling decorations, the weather, it all came together for a brilliant show in the harbor this past Saturday evening.

The annual Christmas season boat parade, organized by the Gig Harbor Yacht Club, really was “bigger and better than ever,” to use that lazy old phrase. But it really was fantastic — and much needed on a year we’ll take all the joy to the world we can get.

Some 45-50 Christmas light-festooned boats participated on a calm, rainless night on Dec 12. They made several sparkling circuits around the harbor, past even more illuminated boats at anchor and in marinas.

lighted boats

Thank you, Gig Harbor Yacht Club and skippers, for again decking the harbor with this joyful tradition.

boat prep

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