Marina Looking for Life Jackets

looking for life jackets

If you have extra life jackets lying around, we’ll take them.

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is looking for life jackets in all sizes, child to adult, to have available for the safety of all who visit our docks.

“We want to model this as a standard practice, something you automatically do before going out on a dock,” said boatyard Service Manager Chris Hawke.

If you have a life jacket to donate, child to adult size, please drop it by the boatyard office, or call (253) 858-3535 for more information.

We plan to set up storage lockers of free-to-borrow life jackets at the entrances to our A and B Docks. When visitors come back up the ramp to the boatyard parking lot, they will simply return the borrowed life jacket to the storage locker until the next time they visit the docks.

So, if you have any PFD’s that you are no longer using — and which are fairly shipshape — we would love to have them. We are interested in adult as well as child sizes (clearly, as you can see from the photo below).

life jackets

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is looking for life jackets to keep visitors of all ages safe on our docks. Adult sizes needed, too, as seen in this photo. (Rich and two-year-old Andrew Clos, 1987)

We greatly appreciate those who have already donated life jackets. Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard thanks you for helping us keep our visitors safe!

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