Warm Weather Calls for Gondola Cruise

The summer-like weather we’ve been having is just calling for a gondola harbor cruise. Singing for it is more like it, because a serenade is what you’ll get on your Gig Harbor Gondola tour.

John Synco, the singing gondolier with his business, Gig Harbor Gondola, has been busy with customers lately with temperatures reaching 80-plus degrees. He operates out of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard and was hurrying across the yard looking for a photographer when he spotted me. It seems his customers, Catherine and Ward Schendel, visiting from Vancouver, Wash., wanted a photo taken of them in the gondola, with the gondolier in the photo, too, of course. Who wouldn’t? Synco — with his striped shirt and red-ribboned straw hat, and his authentic all-wood gondola, Nelly — make a striking picture.

Warm Weather Sings Out for Gondola Cruises in the Harbor

Gondola tours warm up in harbor

Warm weather means it’s time for a gondola cruise on the harbor. Ward and Catherine Schendel of Vancouver, Wash., went out with singing gondolier John Synco this week.

“I just got their call a little while ago asking if they could have a gondola ride and I said ‘sure,'” said the gondolier on one of the 80-degree days this week. “They asked to have a picture taken with me in it.”

Well, sure, what a fun assignment that is. I followed Synco down B Dock to where the smiling Schendels were comfortably settled in Nelly, a box of snacks from The Harbor General Store at their feet.  Synco provides a delicious appetizer plate from local businesses for his popular tours, which started last fall. Passengers are also welcome to bring their own food and beverages on the Italian-inspired cruises around scenic Gig Harbor bay.  For a relaxing serenaded cruise, customers can choose either The Cruise, an hour-long tour for $85 for two people; or The Extended Cruise, a 90-minute outing for $115 for two people.  Each additional person is $20, up to six passengers.  Children five years old and young are free.

“I’m Just Trying to Do a Good Thing for the Community” — Singing Gondolier John Synco

“It makes me very happy to be here,” Synco said as he was preparing 36-foot Nelly for passengers last fall. “I’m just trying to do a good thing for the community — and people have told me so many times that I’m doing such a good thing.”

Gondola cruise season gets under way in the harbor

Enjoy a scenic harbor tour with Gig Harbor Gondola, which launches out of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

It is a very Good Thing so be sure to arrange for your own gondola cruise on one of these beautiful spring days. Check out the singing gondolier’s website at Gig Harbor Gondola, or call him at 253-432-0052.

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