Northwest Maritime Academy is now onsite!

Northwest Response Logonwma

The primary mission of The Northwest Maritime Academy (NWMA) is to provide niche training that initially caters to the Maritime off-shore crewmen’s federally mandated required training in shipboard emergency response procedures (STCW). Through lecture series, and practical demonstration of skills; attendees obtain United States Coast Guard approved certification.

Additionally, NWMA, through its partner Northwest Response (NWR), Will provide critical basic and Advanced First Aid and CPR/AED training for our local trades, medical professionals, first responders, and law enforcement professionals who require such training under OSHA and the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

NWMA/NWR seeks to offer lectures and courses in Gig Harbor in a segmented offering given the City of Gig Harbor permitting process, and the Federal USCG and National Centers site approval process.

NWMA will offer both “in classroom” and “on the water” (OTW) training.

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