Rewiring Order Out of Chaos


Wires are everywhere, draped all over as if someone got carried away with their new pasta maker and then had to scramble to find places to hang yards of fresh fettuccine to dry.

Only this “noodle factory” is wiring — very al dente — strung all over the cabin of a boat, and it’s the next assignment on yacht technician Lance McDonough’s plate at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.


The unruly “noodle factory” of old wiring will be sorted out by the crew at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

McDonough is charged with the task of making order out of red, black, white, yellow and blue wiring chaos on a CHB Trawler that was recently purchased by new owners from Kingston, WA. He is rewiring the AC and DC panels, as well as the entire DC system, said boatyard Service Manager Chris Hawke. And Lance has his work cut out for him, he added.

“It’s a noodle factory,” said Hawke. “There are lots of dead-end wires that go up to the fly bridge and half the battle is sorting out what needs to come out.”

Trawler in the Yard for Rewiring Service at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

Unfortunately, it won’t be as easy to tame as winding spaghetti around a fork, but McDonough is the chef for the job. The experienced technician has already gutted all the electrical panels on the 42-foot trawler. He has removed the old battery bank with its tangle of about 27 spaghetti-like connections, and McDonough is now building sturdy shelves for the new batteries to sit on.

“The start batteries weren’t secured,” Hawke continued, going down the menu of electrical service ordered. “They had at least six connections coming off each end and you don’t want more than a couple off each battery.”

While on the hard at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, the old trawler will also get new oil cooler and heat exchanger bundles and fresh bottom paint.

‘Noodle Factory’ of Old Wiring Tamed on CHB Trawler

Watch this blog space for updates as the rewiring work progresses on this CHB Trawler. Taming its “noodle factory” of wiring chaos may not be as quick as when Lucy Ricardo’s best friend, Ethel, reached over and snipped off Lucy’s unruly spaghetti with scissors pulled from her handbag (TV’s “I Love Lucy,” Feb. 7, 1955). But it’s one of the many marine service and repair jobs we take care of here at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.


A Taiwanese CHB Trawler is at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard for rewiring of its AC and DC electrical panels.


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