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Find Nautical Decor Galore at Second Wave

No doubt about it: We live in a beautiful marine environment here around Puget Sound. So, it’s only natural that we lean toward nautical touches in our home decorating.

We place a barnacle-patinaed anchor in the hydrangeas by the front door. A carved driftwood mermaid graces our dining room buffet and a collection of Pacific shells find their way to vases and baskets.

We can’t help ourselves. We love how nature decorates our water world outside and we want to bring some of it inside.

Now it’s easier than ever to do just that with Second Wave @ the Boatyard — your nautical decor store.

Second Wave decor

Second Wave @ the Boatyard Marine Repair and Consignment is located at 3720 Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor.

From boat steering wheels and model ships to brass lanterns, vintage compasses and ship’s bells, Second Wave Marine Repair and Consignment is full of decorating treasure. Like the leather-covered sailboat steering wheel (top photo) that my husband and I picked up for our little guesthouse. It was just the thing for the end wall — and yes, it even spins on its wall mount.

Second Wave decorOr, this authentic brass lantern, left and below, that I picked up for our son’s house in Newport, Ore., since his marine environment also calls for nautical decor. (Don’t worry: I checked with him first — I’m not that pushy.)

Second Wave @ the Boatyard Marine Repair and Consignment Hours:

Monday-Friday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

Sunday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

I didn’t realize Second Wave’s decorating source potential when I first started writing blogs about Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s new business last summer. I was merely helping get the word out about all the useful, previously-owned boating stuff at Gig Harbor’s new consignment store.

Second Wave nautical decor

An authentic brass lantern adds just the right nautical touch in this master bedroom in Newport, Ore.

You know: the usual bilge pumps and accessories, exhaust system parts, blocks and bow chocks. All the handy things needed to prepare for boating season. Of course, there’s also a bright assortment of life jackets and foul weather gear and a wall of colorful line, so I made lots of trips to the store for photo ops.

Second Wave wheelSecond Wave decor

Then on one visit I noticed a neat wooden ship’s wheel hanging on display and a couple of stainless steel steering wheels leaning against the counter. A tiny pearl of an idea was planted — after all, there was that one bare wall in the guest house.

Second Wave decor

Inventory is always changing at Second Wave says store manager Gary Ford.

I was letting that possibility roll around like a grain of sand in an oyster shell when I started seeing all the other great decor pieces at Second Wave. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who had noticed. One day as I walked into the store a customer was leaving with a beautiful brass lantern in each hand.

“My son collects them,” she said in reply to my compliment on her find.

Hmm, I thought. I have a son. A brass lantern would be just the thing for his dresser. And it is.

Browse Second Wave’s online catalog.

Second Wave decor

Buried buried treasure for your home at Second Wave.

So come browse the treasures at Second Wave @ the Boatyard, your soon-to-be-favorite nautical decor store. You are bound to find just the decorating touches you need for your Puget Sound living room, bedroom — or to tuck among the hydrangeas.

Second Wave treasure

Second Wave General Manager Gary Ford, behind the counter, talks to a customer about consigning boat items. The consignment store is your source for authentic nautical decor.

Second Wave


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