Sit Back and Enjoy Harbor’s Lighted Boats

Lighted Boat Parade

Gig Harbor’s Lighted Boat Parade is Saturday

Have you made your plans for watching the Lighted Boat Parade in the harbor? There’s still time to find a cozy place for viewing this sparkling holiday tradition taking place this Saturday, Dec. 8, in Gig Harbor.

Organized by the Gig Harbor Yacht Club, the annual Lighted Boat Parade will set sail at 5 p.m., beginning at Arabella’s Marina. The Christmas boats will circle the harbor twice to give viewers plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beautiful holiday spectacle.

Lighted Boat Parade

If you haven’t already done so, check with waterfront restaurants to see if there is any “room in the inn” for viewing the dazzling lighted boats from a cozy vantage point.

“Please join us!” said the yacht club’s Lighted Boat Parade organizer John Sasser in a press release. “We are hoping for a long line of brightly-lit boats, including fishing vessels, pleasure boats and kayaks. We plan to put on a great show for all those watching from shore.”

Find a Cozy Place to View Harbor’s Dazzling Lighted Boats

All area boaters are welcome to participate in the parade. There is no charge and no obligation, only a well-lit boat and a sense of holiday spirit, say organizers.

Interested boaters can sign up and receive more information by sending their name, email address and boat name and length to Or, go to the Gig Harbor Yacht Club website (whether you are a member or not) for more details and to register for the parade.

“We are hoping for a many boats, many lights and enjoyment for all, whether on ship or ashore,” says Sasser.

More on the route….

Lighted boat parade

From Arabella’s Marina, boaters will proceed toward the City Dock area, go past it and turn inside the harbor entrance. From there, they will go up the north side of the harbor and turn again to pass by Anthony’s Restaurant and the marinas in the western bay. Finally, they come back by Arabella’s and the City Dock before tracing the route a second time.

Happy Holidays!




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