Survey Items Shipshape for New Owner

Survey items

You know a boat is something special when the boatyard crew says it is.

I was at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard yesterday getting blog material on the latest boats in the yard. It’s always a different crop and I am always fascinated to see the variety of vessels up on stands, their graceful hulls and full design elements finally in plain view out of the water, like the curtain being pulled back to reveal the wizard.

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Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard took care of survey items for the new owner of “Interlude,” a Tayana 37.

This time there was a very striking sailboat, named Interlude, by the marina office. “Wow, this is a pretty one,” I thought to myself out loud, my hands already busy taking the lens cap off my camera.

“Yes, that is a very nice boat,” confirmed Lenny Mason, boat wright/rigger as he walked by. Then I knew it had to be something special and one I would be asking Boatyard Manager Mark Lindeman about.

Beautiful “Interlude” Awaits New Sailboat Owner

Interlude is a great blog topic,” Lindeman said. “The owner just sold it and it’s in excellent condition. The new owner is very excited about it and is eager to go sailing.”

The crew at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard painted the full-keeled boat’s bottom and took care of a few survey items, including updating the propane system and the engine stop solenoid. Before painting the bottom, the boatyard guys repaired some blisters, then cleaned and painted the prop and shaft with barnacle barrier. Next, they applied two coats of Micron CSC bottom paint, said Lindeman.

Survey items repaired

“Interlude” now has an updated propane system, a new engine stop solenoid and two coats of Micron CSC bottom paint.

The Tayana 37 has beautiful teak trim, scrolled for just the right bit of artistry near the bowsprit. It is one of boat designer Robert Perry’s most successful designs, Lindeman said.

“It’s perhaps the most successful semi-custom cruising boat designed,” he added. “It is just a great boat.”

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard can take care of all your service, repair and maintenance needs. It’s time for you to have your own relaxing interlude on the water.



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