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Devlin Design Graces the Yard

Devlin Design

A beautiful Devlin-designed boat is here in the yard for a new coat of bottom paint, and she certainly has turned heads with her cool and classic nautical lines. Anne Elise, a Devlin 33, is sitting pretty at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard while our paint crew works their usual bottom package magic. Mark Lindeman,…

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Rewiring Order Out of Chaos


Wires are everywhere, draped all over as if someone got carried away with their new pasta maker and then had to scramble to find places to hang yards of fresh fettuccine to dry. Only this “noodle factory” is wiring — very al dente — strung all over the cabin of a boat, and it’s the next assignment…

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Failed Shaft Log Replaced

shaft log replaced

Mabel, a pretty Grand Banks 32, is at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard for some wintertime service and repair. She is getting a replacement, a renewal and a refoaming by the crew at the boatyard. Mabel is on the hard to have her failed shaft log replaced and for an upgrade on her DC wiring. The boatyard…

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