The Trolley @ The Boatyard Is Open For Happy Hour This Labor Day Weekend!

Meet Melissa Maxwell, Author and Wellness Chef! She has been working tirelessly around the clock to give The Trolley @ The Boatyard some much needed TLC in order to bring you a culinary treat this Labor Day Weekend!!


Melissa started cooking like most people, watching her Midwestern mom cook family meals. She was obsessed with reading her mother’s recipe books and looking at the pretty pictures. She made Melissa plan, shop, prepare, and serve scratch suppers once a week starting around the age of ten. Scratch pie and biscuit lessons started when Melissa was six from her stool so that she could reach the kitchen counter. Melissa’s mom didn’t have much growing up. Food and gardening were not a trend. They were her survival skills. Her parents also liked to entertain – a lot. Everybody was welcome at their table. Guests came from many cultures and mindsets. It was the sharing of good food that created a positive, human feeling. Over a good meal, differences didn’t seem to matter or, they became the topic of lively and always respectful conversation. Since those days, Melissa has worn several hats in her life. The delicate balance of good food, family, faith, and fitness are the ingredients that make her feel whole. Melissa didn’t realize that those same factors are actually a science-proven necessity to sustain human health until she studied nutrition and integrative health. The stories and shiny pictures she can create for you are intended to be wrapped around and celebrate things that can help the future of our bodies and our planet. There is no neat bow or ending to a health journey. Melissa hopes that what she brings to your table lifts you up and empowers you to nurture your body and our planet.


Come and join us for Happy Hour at The Trolley @ The Boatyard this Labor Day Weekend, Chef Melissa Maxwell and her team have prepared a menu that is guaranteed to delight your taste buds!!


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  1. Yuliya Barron on September 25, 2021 at 3:26 pm

    Went to try “Melissa Can Cook” and confirmed that, indeed, Melissa can cook! Great food at a great water-front location at the vintage Trolley in Gig Harbor. Really hit the spot with some modern spins on pub classics like sliders, tacos, hot dogs and mac n’ cheese. My picky toddlers loved the food as well! Well done, Chef Melissa! We’ll be coming back to this local favorite.

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