The Word is Out About The Club

The Club

Maybe you’ve heard about this fantastic event venue on the Gig Harbor waterfront. It’s The Club @ the Boatyard. It’s been open for a little over two years. And it’s hotter than ever.

The word is definitely out about The Club at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard. All you have to do is talk to an extremely busy Danielle Taylor, boatyard hospitality manager, and she’ll share the amazing numbers that add up to The Club’s success.

“As of June 15 of this summer, we already had more events in The Club than during all of last year,” said Danielle at one of the Monday morning meetings where boatyard managers report what’s going on in their corner of the yard.

The Club

Have your wedding at the edge of beautiful Gig Harbor bay in Skansie Brothers Park next to The Club @ the Boatyard. The Club now owns this white upright rowboat prop made by a recent father of the groom. It makes a perfect nautically-themed backdrop for weddings at the boatyard.

She said she would have to go back and count to know exactly how many events that is, but it doesn’t matter because the bottom is: it’s a LOT.

“We had 16 graduation parties in June,” she said. “Between Memorial Day and Labor Day this summer we’ve got 22 weddings. We have 15 events in The Club just this month.”

And it’s only half-way through August.

Danielle added that now is the time to start booking holiday parties at this popular waterfront venue. Her calendar filling fast but she still has openings left and is ready to help you plan your special holiday celebration.

She has a reminder for nonprofit organizations, as well, leading into their traditional fundraising months of October and November: Make plans to rent The Club soon and keep in mind that significant discounts apply for rentals Sunday through Thursday.

The Club @ the Boatyard is the Only Venue on the Gig Harbor Waterfront

After two years of celebrations, parties, receptions, concerts and other events, word-of-mouth reviews are in, making The Club @ the Boatyard a must-have-it-there venue.

The Club

Weddings receptions at The Club @ the Boatyard are just steps away from ceremonies taking place in the park on the Gig Harbor waterfront.

After all, it is right on the scenic Gig Harbor waterfront — the only event venue on the waterfront, in fact — right in the heart of charming downtown, and right next to beautiful Skansie Brother Park, the public dock and all the amenities of this walking-friendly town.

“I think we had a vision going in and it’s coming to fruition.” – Danielle Taylor, hospitality manager

Besides the reviews of many happy customers, Danielle attributes a large part of The Club’s popularity to the 600 square feet of additional space the boatyard added to the venue last winter. Managers decided to enlarge the tile floor by incorporating a formerly unfinished and unused section of floor space within the venue’s walls, resulting in a wider, roomier Club.

But it’s also about filling a need in downtown Gig Harbor that has made The Club @ the Boatyard such a popular place.

“There are no other downtown waterfront venues — we’re the only one and it’s taken off,” said the hospitality manager. “I think we had a vision going in and it’s coming to fruition. We are definitely growing. There’s so much growth in Gig Harbor, we just want to bring the focus back to the downtown waterfront.”

The Club

The Club is the only event venue on the downtown waterfront. It is spacious and comfortable, seating 100 guests, for receptions and parties in the heart of charming Gig Harbor.

Danielle has a rapidly filling calendar of weddings already scheduled for 2018 and is very appreciative of the bridal parties she has served so far this year.

“I just want to say thank you to the beautiful brides who made The Club their wedding destination this year,” she said.

Call Danielle soon and get on her calendar for your special event @ The Club @ the Boatyard. Contact her at (253) 358-6546 or





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