Wedding Party Loved The Guesthouse

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Parents-of-the-bride, Fred and Sue Raney of Seattle, were over the moon with their accommodations at The Guesthouse @ the Boatyard last weekend.

Their daughter got married at The Edgwater House in Olalla, and Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s beautiful Guesthouse proved to be the perfect staging area for family, friends, bridal party — and of course, the dress.

“You should have been here on the weekend,” Sue Raney said when I asked how they enjoyed their stay. (She and her husband, Fred, are seen in the above photo on the left; their friends Don and Lynn Murphy are on the right.) The Raney’s were getting ready to check out when I happened upon them, but were excited to show me how wonderfully the guest suite worked for them.

“It was so perfect,” Sue said. “Let me show you where we kept the dress.”

“People were ‘ooohing and aaahing’ about it all.” – Guesthouse visitor

I was at the boatyard for a meeting taking place at that minute, but I happily followed the mother-of-the-bride into the suite to gather good tidbits for this blog.

Wedding party loved Guesthouse

The huge walk-in closet at The Guesthouse is perfect for keeping a wedding dress out of sight before the big day. (This dress is a stand-in for the Raney’s daughter’s dress, since I wasn’t there to see hers.)

“This big closet was where we kept all the decorations and we hung the dress right here. We were able to keep the door closed so no one saw it. You should have been here so you could have gotten a picture of it.” It was Monday morning after their weekend celebration and she and her husband were floating on the surreal feeling of having just thrown a beautiful wedding for their daughter.

“It was a wonderful experience,” she said of the 2-bedroom, 1,700-square-foot Guesthouse overlooking the harbor. “We had everyone here, we hosted a barbecue. I have to tell you, this is just beautifully outfitted. It was just fabulous.”

The Raney’s good friend, Carolyn Baker of Seattle, was also there helping to pack things up on Monday morning. She couldn’t say enough good things about the gorgeous Guesthouse @ the Boatyard.

Guests loved Guesthouse

The 1,700-square-foot Guesthouse @ The Boatyard features two beautiful bedrooms, a dining room, laundry room, and spacious kitchen and decks overlooking Gig Harbor.

“I thought the decor was just exquisite,” she said. “I thought the beds were superior. Very comfortable and the sheets were so nice. The view and the activity in the harbor were so entertaining and people were ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ about it all. The flow through the place just works, too.”

Come stay at the Guesthouse @ the Boatyard and experience it for yourself.

For more information about The Guesthouse @ the Boatyard, contact Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor at 253-358-6546 or Check availability and learn more about our beautiful guest suite under “Lodging” on this website’s main page, or click Waterfront Vacation Rental.

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