Winterize Your Boat with Boatyard’s New Shrink Wrap Service

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Boatyard @ the Annex Now Offering Shrink Wrap Service

Just in time for rainy Northwest weather heading our way, Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is now offering a service to keep your boat clean and dry over the long, soggy winter. Come see us at The Annex for our new weather-protective shrink wrap service.

shrink wrapAt our Boatyard @ the Annex at 3720 Harborview Dr., we are adding a winterizing shrink wrap service to our already extensive menu of marine services we provide to area boaters. Bring your trailered boat or recreational vehicle to The Annex and we’ll get it protected from the wet winter ahead.

“If you can wheel it in there we can shrink wrap it,” says yard manager Mark Lindeman of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, adding that the typical size of boat or other vehicle for shrink wrapping is 15-30 feet.

shrink wrapThe new service is ready to go in the covered outdoor space at the boatyard Annex, which formerly housed Lighthouse Marine, Inc. The process includes a convenient rolling cart holding the shrink wrap material — the boatyard is using blue plastic — and a large heat gun, somewhat reminiscent of a giant barbecue lighter,  said Lindeman.

“This is ideal winter protection for your boat,” he said. “Shrink wrapping keeps varmits out, keeps out rain, tree needles, leaves, snow, dirt and grime until you launch.

“Then, in the spring you simply cut it off, do a de-winterizing, turn the key and go,” Lindeman added.

The boatyard is choosing to go with blue shrink wrap material, rather than white that is also commonly seen on boats.

shrink wrap

“Most guys around here use a blue material,” Lindeman explained. “The darker color tends to keep the boat a little warmer.”

shrink wrap

So come see us at the Boatyard @ the Annex and get your boat winter-protected ahead of Western Washington’s soggy season.

“Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is your local choice for all your shrink wrapping needs,” said Lindeman.

For pricing and other information, call us at (253) 858-3535




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