Yard Manager Shares Boat Knowledge

boat knowledge

Boatyard’s Lindeman Delivers Informative Talk on Boat Care at Yacht Club

Long-time Gig Harbor boater John Mulligan knew who to call when he wanted a presenter on boat maintenance for one of his Education Nights at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club.

Mark Lindeman, boatyard manager at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, was the obvious choice with his lifetime of experience and knowledge on all things boats and boating.

About 30 boaters gathered at the yacht club earlier this month for one of the club’s periodic Education Nights organized by members John and Patricia Mulligan. From slideshows of club members’ cruises in exotic destinations around the world, to boating safety refreshers such as ‘would you know how to get a man overboard back into the boat,’ the talks are always fascinating and informative.

boat knowledge

Mark Lindeman

Lindeman’s talk was no different and those in attendance were eager to pick up tips and expert information on taking care of their boat. The experienced yard manager, an encyclopedia of knowledge on both power boats and sailboats (and an invaluable source to this boatyard blogger) framed his presentation around “preventive maintenance and bottom paint: what every boater should know and do.”

It was a relaxed question-and-answer discussion among friends, all boaters in the Gig Harbor community, and Lindeman easily fielded questions on any maintenance issue the boat owners raised. As prompts for discussion, he handed out a list of various boat service topics from electric heaters to electronics and exhaust hoses, to bilge pumps, boat purchasing and battery chargers.

For Answers on All Things Boating, Call Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard

In two hours the group barely skimmed the surface of the list and Lindeman’s deep pool of knowledge, and could have gone on talking for hours about their mutual passion. They asked extensive questions about electric heaters, stuffing boxes and how often you should have anodes changed and bottoms cleaned and painted. The short answer: It depends on the condition of things, type of paint used and how much a boat is used and how fast it is driven.


Yard Manager Mark Lindeman, left, talks to a customer whose boat is on the hard at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

For longer answers on all things boating, come see the experts at the boatyard.

Lindeman, an avid sailor, racer, experienced power boat operator and connoisseur of classic wooden boats, ended his talk with the best advice of all: When you have your eye on a boat to buy, give the boatyard a call. Lindeman and crew will be happy to take a quick look at the vessel, even before a survey is done, and tell you whether the boat is worth pursuing.

“I can tell from just walking around the boat how well it has been maintained,” he said. “We can look the boat over and possibly save buyers from making the wrong purchase.”

So now you know who to call. For all your boat service and repair needs, see the experienced professionals at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard.

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