Marina FAQs

Marina FAQ’s

Do you have guest moorage?

No, we do not have guest moorage available at this time.


Do you have covered moorage?

Yes, we have 24 covered slips, that will accommodate boats up to 44 feet.


Do you have shower or laundry facilities?

Yes we have new bathrooms with showers for our marina guests.  The laundry room is planned for the near future.


Is the marina secure?

Yes, the marina and boatyard have 15 security cameras, locked dock gates and private parking. All moorage tenants are also thoroughly screened in order to ensure a pleasant and safe marina environment.


Do you have dock boxes?

Yes, all UNCOVERED slips have dock boxes, however, due to space constraints COVERED slips do not.


Will I be required to sign a long term lease?

No, moorage is on a month-to-month contract. We do however require a 30-day written notice before vacating your slip.


What documentation is required to secure a slip?

All marina tenants are required to complete a comprehensive contract and show proof of insurance and current registration.


Can I leave my car at the marina when I’m gone overnight or for longer cruises?

Yes, we have free parking at the marina. It is on a first-come, first-served basis. It is also very limited. You will need a parking permit/sticker.

Parking spaces are clearly marked.


Please do not park your car in a way that prevents the Travelift from reaching the pier.

In the event of an emergency haulout, we would need to tow a blocking car in order to haul a vessel in distress. We also occasionally schedule work to occur after hours or on weekends so need access to the pier for the Travelift at all times.