Honoring National Maritime Day

May 22 is National Maritime Day in the United States each year. This day reflects the gratitude that Americans have for the maritime industry and the benefits it brings to the country. It also recognizes ships and seafarers who have held a special place in the nation’s history. Happy National Maritime Day from Gig Harbor…

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Heavenly Upheaval Over Harbor

Chance Busey of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard, found beauty in the fierce thunderstorms that rolled over Gig Harbor last week. The assistant marketing director was out for a “storm chase” and captured these photos during the heavenly upheaval on May 4. “We went storm chasing for a bit yesterday,” he said on Gig Harbor…

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Harbor WildWatch Grateful for Boatyard Partnership

Thank you, Harbor WildWatch, for your warm note of gratitude about our partnership on the Gig Harbor waterfront. We enjoy being your neighbor and helping to bring about important marine stewardship events with you. Jennifer Beard, development associate with Harbor WildWatch, sent boatyard Hospitality Manager Danielle Taylor a neighborly note of thanks earlier this month —…

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