Gig Harbor Marina Earns Clean Boatyard Status

Clean Boatyard

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard is a Certified Leadership Clean Boatyard

Clean Boating Foundation

We are very proud to announce that we have achieved certification as a Leadership Clean Boatyard by the Clean Boating Foundation. Through diligence, hard work and attention to details around the yard, Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s status as a Clean Boatyard reflects the care we take to protect our marine environment as we bring you the best marine service and repair in the area.

Clean BoatyardThe boatyard was a certified Clean Boatyard in 2017 and this year achieved a higher level of recognition as a certified Leadership Clean Boatyard, yard manager Hartwell Champagne announced last week.

“We are very proud to achieve this recognition,” he said. “It’s a solid indication of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s commitment to maintaining a clean facility and boatyard operations that cause minimal impact to the Puget Sound and our beautiful Gig Harbor environment.”

The Clean Boating Foundation

The Clean Boatyard Program by the Clean Boating Foundation out of Seattle is a voluntary certification program to help clean up the waters of Puget Sound and Washington State. The goals of the program are:

  • To encourage boatyards to come into full compliance with the Department of Ecology boatyard general permit, thereby decreasing environmental impact.
  • To increase recognition for those yards which perform well with respect to, and even go above and beyond, the permit.

The Clean Boating Foundation’s Clean Boatyard Program recognizes clean boatyards on two different levels: certified Clean Boatyard and certified Leadership Clean Boatyard. Clean Boatyard certification comes from full compliance with all legally-required items of the checklist, which is based on the boatyard general permit and hazardous waste regulations.

The additional Leadership Clean certification is awarded to those yards that demonstrate a true commitment to environmental protection and are going well above and beyond the legally required items.

“We are very proud to achieve this recognition. It’s a solid indication of Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s commitment to maintaining a clean facility.” – Yard Manager Hartwell Champagne

Clean Boatyard

Care is taken at Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard that contaminants from marine service and repair do not enter the harbor. Protective drop cloths are in place under boats in the yard.

Some items on the Clean Boating Foundation 2018 Checklist include:

  • Pressure-wash wastewater is prevented from entering waters of the state
  • A vacuum sander or vacuum rotary tool is used at all times when anti-fouling paint removal occurs outdoors
  • Tarps, drop cloths or other protective devices are used to collect and manage all particles, dust, flakes, drips, debris, etc., to prevent them from entering the water
  • Boatyard staff are trained on proper management of liquid and dangerous waste and response to spills
  • Containment devices and/or absorbent pads available and on hand from all transfers of fuel and oils
  • Solvent or oil-soaked rags are cleaned by an industrial laundry service or disposed of as dangerous waste
  • All spent anodes are collected and stored in a covered container and recycled
  • Dumpsters or convenient trash disposal is provided to boatyard customers

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