Man Basket Gives Boatyard a Lift

man basket

We’ve always known our service to area boaters is tops and now Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard has added another tool that is lifting our boatyard crew to new heights.

It’s the yard’s new man basket for our crane and it’s making it even easier to deliver our loftier services to boaters. Sailboats in particular will benefit, of course, with their soaring masts, which formerly required a couple of guys on the job, one being hoisted up in a bosun’s chair for a repair on mast lights or rigging.

man basket

Gig Harbor Marina & Boatyard’s new man basket makes working high up on sailboat masts easier and faster than hoisting a crew member up in a bosun’s chair. (This and top photo by Chance Busey)

“With the man basket we can now get to the top of masts without a rig and it adds another dimension of our service,” said boatyard service manager Chris Hawke. “This is going to be a good time saver. Now it’s really quick to get someone up the mast and we don’t have to have another guy there like we did with the rig.”

Man Basket Takes Mast Work to New Heights at Boatyard

man basket

(Photo courtesy of Chris Hawke)

The new man basket is attached to the boatyard’s crane for an easy, fast lift to the top of a mast. It’s a better use of yard crew and offers more safety and security than counting on the integrity of a mast and rigging for hoisting up a crewman, say yard managers.

“The beauty of it is if we’re unsure of the condition of the rigging we don’t have to risk it,” Hawke said. “We don’t have to send a guy up in a rig and wonder about it.”

Our service atop sailboat masts is soaring to new heights with our man basket, so come see us and be ready for cruising next spring.

It just got easier and faster for us to install and repair wind instruments, take care of wiring and lighting issues, replace spreader boots and replace sail tracks and halyards — all your lofty needs high off the deck.

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